Saturday, August 15, 2009

MZ Pepper again

Last week, Pepper was sick again. Not eating, not drinking. This went on for two days. I called the vet and she told me if Pep didn't improve that day, bring her in. Pep just lay on the couch. She as having trouble holding her water. The house smelled like dog pee and Pep was totally depressed about it as well as not feeling well. We sat with her, we hand fed her, we offered her everything she liked. Nothing. No luck. I was preparing myself mentally to say good by to her. We really feared for the worst.


The next morning, Pepper was up and awake with us. She was ravenous. She ate and drank, and kept it all down. She ran around the back yard, stopping to shake herself throughly every minute or so. SHE'S BEEN FINE SINCE! What ever it was, she got over it. And the peeing in the house stopped.

I am SO relieved!

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