Tuesday, November 3, 2009

We've had a bit of a hair-tearing time here. Pepper is doing well. She recovered very nicely from her bout of Kennel Cough and Pneumonia. (I'll be damned if I leave her at THAT kennel again!)

Hubby was due to have a hip replacement. We had it all lined up and then the bank called to say they'd cut our credit limit to zilch on the card we were going to use to pay for living expenses while he was recovering. So we had to post pone it until we can save up enough scratch to cover day to day expenses while he gets back on his feet and back to work. It's hell to watch him limping around, even with the aid of a cane. The family will not help, so we're on our own as usual. (God, forbid the inlaws ever need anything. One must drop everything and run the moment one is summoned!)

At least my cardio exam and stress test went well. Yes, I am a strapping old girl! LOL! The doctor asked if the stress test treadmill wore me out. I said, heck no! I felt great and could have gone a half hour on the thing if they wanted. On the down side he did tell me not to 'nosh', but I am down ten pounds from my last visit. (I want to know exactly how I managed that. Is candy corn now a veggie?)