Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nearly All Better!

We got her through pneumonia! Pepper is MUCH better. The awful coughing and gagging have stopped, although she still sleeps much of the time. Her strength is coming back gradually, but she was up to playing with me yesterday in the back yard. We still have a few more days worth of pills to give her, and I have to check back with the vet, but it looks like our girl has recovered! YAY!

Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Adventures with Pepper and the Nebulizer

This time, the nebulizer treatment was success. First of all, I fixed the leak in the unit with a little glue and plastic wrap. Yay, Go me! I put 30ccs of saline into the cup, attached the mouthpiece and turned the unit on. She looked a little amused and listened as I told her how Chris used the thing and now it was her's. I sang along with the ipod, cradled her head and held the thing next to her nose. She was very good and lay there, breathing in the moisture for ten minutes or so. She stopped coughing and is breathing easier. SUCCESS! So cheers for Pep for being such a good dog!