Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I FINALLY was able to get a pee specimen out of Mme. Queen. I dropped it off at the vet's and the new receptionist took it and brought up the chart. He said the urinalysis wasn't paid for yet, so took out my plastic. $64. He processed it and gave me the print out. I went back to the car. I'm glad I looked at the printout because it had this on the paper:
Name: Pepper
Species: FERRET (!!!)
Weight 1.5 lbs.

I went back into the office and said to the guy:
'Uh, this isn't my pet. She's a DOG.'

'Oh, oops!' He ran the computer thing again, this time by my name in stead of my phone number, and up came Pepper's chart. The urinalysis WAS covered in the senior health check. So I got a refund, and everyone had a good laugh.

A 110# ferret is indeed a frightening thing!

This is my son and Pepper. You can see how large she is.
chris & dog


BCxFour said...

I am behind on reading blogs & just saw this post. I love this picture! She is adorable!!!! What a love...

BCxFour said...

BTW I was laughing over the ferret Pepper! Good thing you read that reciept!