Monday, May 25, 2009

I had a huge computer crash. The sort of thing that everyone fears and eventually experiences. I got a virus warning and I shut off the compy. When I went to turn it back on, NOTHING HAPPENED. I mean Absolutely Nothing. My computer had become a paperweight.

Luckily, my son is living with us till he gets another job. Even luckier, is the fact that he is a top-knotch computer tech. It took him two hours, but he got the computer to accept a systems restore disk, and then we reformatted it. I am now adding files that I had backed up.

Pepper is doing her thing, supervising the world and is frisky at age 12. She's not happy that I'm planting a container garden this year. She much prefers to help dig out a garden, and is specially helpful at transplanting.

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