Friday, March 20, 2009

Smiley-faced take-out food bags and The Queen

We had Chinese take-out last night. I had (and still have) one of my killer headaches, so the guys helped out. Pepper always enjoys it when Daddy or Chris 'Cooks'. That means when they get take-out. She waited for them to come home and then bounced to the table for her traditional fortune cookie. Yes, the dog gets the fortune cookies. It's a rare enough event, so I doubt if it's bad for her. We read her the fortune (yes, she listenes) then she gets the treat.

I have no idea why, but the bag was left on the table while we had supper. It was at Chris' place since his order was in the bottom of the bag. When he cleared the table after we ate, the bag still sat there. Pepper saw it and stared at it. She sat staring at the yellow smiley-face. I guess she thought it was telling her that more good things to make her tummy happy were inside. She wouldn't take it from the table but waited for me to do that. When I did put it on the floor for her, she gave it a sniff inside and sashayed back to her couch. Hm. I don't think she'll believe those smile-faces anymore!

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