Monday, December 29, 2008

We dropped Pepper off at the kennel (aka, Camp). Wow, did she give me a dirty look! She knows we do concert tours every once in a while, and most of the time she stays home with our son (provided he's not working nights). I guess she was sure she'd stay home and take care of Son because he's been flat on his back with a virus.

We don't call her Dr. Pepper for nothing! This morning while he was wandering around in his pajama bottoms, Pep intent on getting my attention. She looked at me, and at the package of Gas-Ex on the kitchen counter, and then ran into the living room and head-butted C, as if to say, 'Hey! MOM! He need's that tummy stuff!' (For a Border Collie cross, she certainly has the BC brains)

She's really spry for a ten year old pooch. The guy at the kennel gives her a 'room' with a run. He knows how social she is, and how she enjoys being outside.

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